First Show of the Season-Denver Arts Festival

I will be in Denver this weekend for the first show of the season. The Denver Arts Festival is moving to a new location this year across from Northfield Mall in Stapleton. This is my first year to be in this show and am looking forward to it! If you are in the area, stop […]

2016 Art Show Schedule

I decided that doing ten shows last year was just a little aggressive and have cut back to just five this year. It turned out that I never had a chance to get out and take any pictures! It should make for a much more enjoyable and productive summer. I have made some changes to […]

2015 Art Show Schedule

This weekend kicks off my art show tour for the year. After working the kinks out as a rookie last year, I am looking forward to getting out, meeting some people, and making some sales. Who knows, I might even lose a few pounds with all the exercise I will be getting! Check out the […]

First Art Show EVER in Edwards Colorado

I decided this year to give selling my photography in art shows a try. I have been busy since February getting everything ready and I finally had my first show last weekend. The Art on the Rockies show was held in the parking lot of the Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, Colorado. It was a […]