2016 Art Show Schedule

I decided that doing ten shows last year was just a little aggressive and have cut back to just five this year. It turned out that I never had a chance to get out and take any pictures! It should make for a much more enjoyable and productive summer. I have made some changes to […]

2015 Art Show Schedule

This weekend kicks off my art show tour for the year. After working the kinks out as a rookie last year, I am looking forward to getting out, meeting some people, and making some sales. Who knows, I might even lose a few pounds with all the exercise I will be getting! Check out the […]

First Art Show EVER in Edwards Colorado

I decided this year to give selling my photography in art shows a try. I have been busy since February getting everything ready and I finally had my first show last weekend. The Art on the Rockies show was held in the parking lot of the Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, Colorado. It was a […]