Summer No More-Virginia Peak in Early Autumn

Autumn has arrived. Day by day, more and more aspen trees turn from green to gold with a few orange and red sprinkled in here and there. I have spent hours the last week driving around my local area to witness the progress. Yesterday I headed back up the painfully bumpy road through Clear Creek […]

I’ll Find My Way-Snyder Falls in Central Colorado

Here’s another waterfall I found nearby and recently visited. Snyder Falls is along Lake Creek about ten miles before it runs into the Twin Lakes Reservoir. It’s an interested creek that runs through extremely rocky terrain. Many of the rocks have an orange-red tint and the water itself is not your normal blueish, but more […]

One Step at a Time-Browns Creek Falls in Central Colorado

The summer monsoons have hung around a lot longer this year in central Colorado. With the odds of having good cloud cover in the afternoons, I have spent some time recently visiting waterfalls in my neck of the woods. Browns Creek Falls is just south of Buena Vista outside of Nathrop. The creek by later […]

Time to Shine-Marcellina Mountain in Springtime

I spent some time camping and shooting along Kebler Pass Road outside of Crested Butte, Colorado last week. The aspen trees were decked out in their springtime bright greens and the ferns and flowers where all budding and blooming below them. It is a great time of the year! The weather was gorgeous and there […]

Evening Finale-Sunset Panorama from Crested Butte

I was looking back at my images from the past springs, while planning for this year, when I ran across this this panoramic series of a dramatic sunset outside of Crested Butte, Colorado. I remember it well. I was camped not more than a couple of hundred yards from this location. As sunset drew near, […]