Evening Finale-Sunset Panorama from Crested Butte

I was looking back at my images from the past springs, while planning for this year, when I ran across this this panoramic series of a dramatic sunset outside of Crested Butte, Colorado. I remember it well. I was camped not more than a couple of hundred yards from this location. As sunset drew near, […]

Autumn Tranquility-Sunset in Steamboat Springs

The fall colors have been anything but predictable this year, especially here in Colorado. It seems that all the rain we had in September fooled the aspens into thinking it wasn’t time to start changing! Stands that were at peak color at the end of September last year were still green this year. Reports from […]

Sunset Blush-Last Light on Mount Princeton

I couldn’t resist stepping out the back of my house last weekend to capture this gorgeous sunset. It was a typical summer day in the mountains. The morning started out with clear blue skies which soon gave way to the puffy clouds that build up over the Continental Divide. By afternoon the skies were fairly […]

Sunset over the Pier-Road Bay in Anguilla

I only went out shooting at sunset a couple of times on my last trip to Anguilla since I would generally reserve that time to have a relaxing dinner with my folks. We were going to Roy’s Bayside Grill on Road Bay this evening, so I decided to take my gear and walk