Autumnal Grace-Taughannock Falls in Central New York

Taughannock Falls is the tallest single-drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. With a drop of 215 feet, it is 33 feet taller than Niagra Falls! That isn’t very obvious in this picture though, however imagine that someone was standing at the wall of the viewing area in the bottom right. That wall is probably […]

A Step at a Time-Eagle Cliff Falls in New York

There are many waterfalls to be found in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The geology of the area with an abundance of shale creates some impressive cliffs and canyons for the water to flow though. This fall was the first time I had visited the area. Many of the waterfalls were right in […]

Golden View-Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse

My trip out east started with a vacation with my son along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. The timing was perfect with fall colors about at their peak. I had plenty of locations picked out for us to visit and tops on the list was Split Rock Lighthouse. We stopped at the […]

I’ll Find My Way-Snyder Falls in Central Colorado

Here’s another waterfall I found nearby and recently visited. Snyder Falls is along Lake Creek about ten miles before it runs into the Twin Lakes Reservoir. It’s an interested creek that runs through extremely rocky terrain. Many of the rocks have an orange-red tint and the water itself is not your normal blueish, but more […]

One Step at a Time-Browns Creek Falls in Central Colorado

The summer monsoons have hung around a lot longer this year in central Colorado. With the odds of having good cloud cover in the afternoons, I have spent some time recently visiting waterfalls in my neck of the woods. Browns Creek Falls is just south of Buena Vista outside of Nathrop. The creek by later […]

Raging Descent-White River Falls in Oregon

I took a trip out northwest in May of 2013 and spent a month shooting over 100 waterfalls in Oregon. This was the first stop once I came into the state at The Dalles on the north. Falls River State Park is found mixed among the farm fields and the rolling hills. The falls are […]

Palouse Falls in the Round-Impressive Waterfall in Washington

Another stop on the trip out west in the spring of 2013 was at the impressive Palouse Falls in southeastern Washington. The falls drop almost 200 feet into a large plunge pool from where the Palouse River continues its journey through a deep canyon to meet up with the Snake River. The falls are in […]